Ethical Wish list // Beach Essentials

Ethical Wish list // Beach Essentials

It’s summer and I’m daydreaming about the beach, so I put together a little ethical shopping guide for those upcoming beach days. Growing up my landlocked self always daydreamed about vacationing at the sea. Now I live close to the ocean and can technically visit the beach year round, but it’s in the summer that the pull of the waves is the strongest. There’s just something extra magical about the shore in the summertime don’t you think?

We recently took Lewie to the beach and spent the whole afternoon building a massive sandcastle then eating fresh fish for dinner. It was such a classic summer day. Growing up near the ocean is truly a luxury and I want to take Lewie more often. So below are some ethical beach essentials I’m grabbing next time!

Sand Bucket //  You simply can’t have a child and go to the beach without a bucket. It can seriously provide hours of entertainment. This indestructible sand bucket  is perfect for tiny hands, will last for years to come and is made in Germany.

ethically made sand bucket made in Germany

Kite //  One of Lewie’s favorite books right now is this Weather First Discovery Book. For the summer page he loves talking about the kites on the beach. Now a good kite is one my summer list. This one is made in the USA! Into The Wind Gold Classic Hata Diamond Kite Made in the USA

Turkish Towel // Turkish towels are simply the best and unlike regular towels they get softer with time. These are perfect to use as blanket, a quick-absorbing towel, or a light throw when it gets chilly. I especially love this fun rainbow one which is fair-trade certified and made by artisans in Ethiopia. fair-trade certified turkish towel made by artisans

Tote // I have a couple beach totes that I love, both bought second-hand. Shopping second is great way to shop ethically on a budget. Try searching your local thrift store first or Etsy. I adore handwoven totes because they’re lovely enough to use everyday as a market or diaper bag.

vintage beach tote ethically made beach basket tote

TIP: Etsy can be pretty overwhelming, so see what’s near you first. Just enter you location in the left sidebar. Often the seller will let you coordinate a pick-up to save on shipping.

Easy Dress //  I always throw a simple dress in my bag to wear over my swimsuit. I love this Cotton Striped Tee Dress by Everlane. Everlane works only with ethical factories and has transparent pricing.

Psst: Looking for ethical swimwear options? Check out this blog about conscious swimwear. 

What about you, what’s on your summer wish list?

P.S. Top vintage photo sold here.



Simple tips for Camping with Little Ones

Simple tips for Camping with Little Ones

One of the amazing things about living in Los Angeles is all the stunning camping spots so close to the city. A couple years before starting our family, we were camping consistently, gathering good gear and scouting some favorite spots. But after having Lewie, we shied away from camping for the first year. I think we were too sleep-deprived and it simply sounds too difficult.

But, after he turned one, we finally took Lewie camping! Once out of state and once at Joshua Tree. Both trips had challenges, but were absolutely worth the extra work. I actually wish we had taken Lewie camping much sooner! But if you are on the fence, here’s some simple tips to help make camping with toddlers easier.

// Start Slow //

 If you’re nervous about camping with toddlers, pick someplace close and just do one night. We only stayed one night in Joshua Tree and it was perfect. Twenty-four hours feels a lot longer when you have nothing to do but relax and explore.

// Get a Bigger Tent//

The first time I went camping with Lewie, I borrowed someone’s huge tent, like I could stand up in it AND fit a pack-in-play in it. In Joshua Tree we had a smaller tent. No standing. No pack-n-play. In this case, bigger was hands-down better. Without the pack-n-play he spent hours not sleeping, but doing acrobats on the air mattress. Since sleep is one of the hardest things about camping, making sleep the most comfortable and likely is imperative. So bring that pack-in-play or toddler cot, plus any comforting sleep items they need at home.

// Be Flexible //

Let them stay up late. Or eat graham crackers for dinner. And play in the dirt. One of my main desires as a parent is for Lewie to grow up with a love of the outdoors. So I try to make outdoor activities, like camping, special and fun. When it’s safe to say yes, say yes.

// But Also, Safety First //

Obviously safety is the most important. Bring a safety kit with you, plus extra water, sunscreen, bug spray, etc. I would also recommend finding a camping spot away from any roads if you have a runner of a toddler like I do. Also explain to your children what things are dangerous. Lewie can barely talk, but by the end of the trip he would point at cactus and say “a-ow”.

// Skip the Toys //

Toddlers don’t really need toys when they’re outside. We brought a bucket and shovel for Lewie to play with and that was enough. What he loved more than playing with toys was going on walks and exploring. For toddlers, even a walk around the campground is a grand adventure.

// Camp More Often //

Our car is still covered in dust and dirt from Joshua Tree, which is fine because we’re already planning another camping trip. The only way to be more comfortable at camping with toddlers is to go often. And if you can’t go away to camp, camp in your backyard or living room.

Did you grow up camping? What were some of your favorite memories?

P.S. We camped at Jumbo Rocks Campground in Joshua Tree. It’s a great spot for camping with toddlers. Huge, but easy rocks to climb and lots of hidden private camping spots.

Would you send your child to an outdoor preschool?

Would you send your child to an outdoor preschool?

Summer is here. So starts the long, hot days that leave me feeling nostalgic about my childhood. It is in the summers where my most vidid childhood memories live. Summers catching fireflies, building play-forts, taking cardboards sleds down hills–all basically unsupervised. A makeshift outdoor preschool.  Continue reading “Would you send your child to an outdoor preschool?”

Weekend bakes // Summer Roasted plums

Weekend bakes // Summer Roasted plums

We have a plum tree now. And a completely overgrown peach tree. An another unidentified fruit tree. All crowded in our tiny green space of a backyard. I know nothing about caring for fruit trees. I actually had no idea the plums were ripe until I saw a squirrel perched up on the tree eating his fill of plums. He’s been back everyday, despite my threats. I’ve named him Pippy.

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