CANO shoes // Raising the bar for ethical fashion

CANO shoes // Raising the bar for ethical fashion

Shoes are incredibly difficult for me to find. First, my feet are larger than average, 10.5 to be exact, a size that most American brands don’t even make, meaning thrifting is pretty much out of the question. I’ve gotten lucky a couple times, but it’s rare. So that leaves buying new. But of course there is still the problem of fit, plus comfort, ascetically pleasing AND ethically made. I’ve never been able to find my perfect shoe, until the CANO shoe.

About CANOs

These CANO shoes hit all the boxes plus boxes I didn’t even know I was missing. For example, CANO goes beyond sustainability (here’s all about their sustainability) into complete transparency.

The company created an app that lets you see the actual people who made your specific shoe. The sole of the right shoe comes with a NFC-tag that stores all the supply chain data of your CANO shoes. Just scan your right shoe and you can see the the entire supply chain, from the leather suppliers to the artisans weavers. It’s the most transparent supply chain I’ve ever seen and it truly raises the bar for ethical fashion.

CANO makes several different styles, my personal favorite is the Huaraches — they’re breathable enough for summer and versatile enough to dress up or down. They also make some beautiful slip on sandals and mules, plus are coming out with boots later in the year.

I’ve worn my CANOs to work several times, but wanted to wear them to the park where I often take my toddler to see how they would hold up to some play. I was worried that I might get blisters, but no! These shoes actually get more comfortable every time I wear them. The weaved leather molds to your feet. TIP: If you’re in between sizes like me, size down because the shoes will stretch.

After the park, my shoes were a little dirty so I simply wiped them with a damp cloth and good as new. The site also has a whole section on how to properly care for your Huaraches, which I really appreciate since I plan on wearing these shoes for years and years.

CANO is a new and small company, so if you’re looking for some new shoes please go check them out. I have so much respect for their vision to reconnect consumers with artisans.

P.S. Make sure to sign up for their mailing list to get 10% off your first pair of CANO shoes.

Photos by Stephanie Kropp.

Currently // Autumn of ’17

Currently // Autumn of ’17

Currently is a seasonal series where I recap some of the simple things I’ve been doing / making / reading / listening and such throughout the season. Thanks for reading along.

I’m so glad I live in a world where there are Octobers – Anne of Green Gables

Most of October in LA was unbearably hot, until just before Halloween when the temperature miraculously dropped 40 degrees and suddenly like Anne I’m in love with October again and all the traditions this season brings.

Autumn always seems to gather people together. The sun sets so early, it becomes natural to spend the evenings at home with friends and family, making meals, enjoying an outdoor fire, sharing stories. After the whirlwind of summer, autumn is a chance to slow down, to reconnect and, like Anne, to be grateful for the beauty of the world.

Here’s what I’ve been up to this Autumn.

Coveting // Cozy blankets, like this sweet rose quilt made by artisans in India. I recently wrote a list of ethical blankets under $100. Now that the weather is cooler, all I want to do in snuggle in a blanket and read.

Reading // The Year of Magical Thinking by Joan Didion. An honest and raw portrayal of grief, but also a reminder to be grateful, to take chances and to live.

“Life changes in the instant. The ordinary instant.”

Baking // Wheat bread. Homemade bread takes some time, but it’s quite simple, very inexpensive and tastes 1000 times better than store-bought. Make a double recipe and share with some friends.

Listening // Valerie June The Order of Time. I have a special place in my heart for Valerie June. My dear friend bought her homemade cd from a record store in Memphis and in college we listened to that album countless times. So when I heard her again a few years later on NPR I was ecstatic. I felt like I had found a favorite sweater I forgot I loved.

Doing // Things without my phone. I’ve been so attached to my phone lately  and for no good reason, so I’m taking some intentional time away from it, like going on a walk and leaving my phone at home. A small jolt of fear curses through me when I realize I’m without my phone, even though I don’t even need it. It’s shocking how many times I’ll reach for my phone just within one hour simply out of habit.

How about you? How are you slowing down and enjoy this season?






Ethical Wish List // Royal Home Decor

Ethical Wish List // Royal Home Decor

Like everyone else in the world, I’m obsessed with The Crown. The production design is unmatched! Inspired by the decor, I’m putting together an ethical wish list of artisan made and secondhand vintage finds inspired by the royal family.

Typically, I’m a terrible TV watcher. I have zero loyalty to shows and immediately quit when I’m bored. It drives my husband crazy. I’ve finished only three shows in my life, but have now watched both seasons of The Crown twice. Yes the acting is marvelous and the writing impeccable, BUT but it’s the lavish and detailed world that have me watching on repeat.

From the wallpapered rooms covered with paintings to the floors overlapped with rich rugs, everything is decorated to English perfection. I couldn’t live in a more different place–a small white apartment in sunny California, and while I do love a simple space, I also think a few choice pieces of richness and texture are the perfect compliment to so much white. So here’s a favorite ethical finds to add a bit of the royal life into my everyday.

// Horse Bookends //

Queen Elizabeth is a long-time lover of horses. In the show, her office often shows paintings and statues of horses. These bookends are a win win to me–beautiful, practical and second hand! From EBTH, an online estate sale marketplace. If you haven’t discovered EBTH, prepare to be addicted.

second hand vintage ethical horse bookends

// Brass Pen //

I love how the Queen is often at her desk writing letters. Even if you’re just writing the grocery list, class it up with this beautiful pen that will last for years. Refillable ink makes this pen an amazing eco-friendly find! From Poketo.

eco-friendly ethical pen with refillable ink

// Cream & Sugar Set //

Who doesn’t love the British tradition of tea time? This vintage cream & sugar set is the perfect mix of intricate and yet still modern. From Etsy.

vintage second hand cream and sugar set

// Painting // 

Apparently the British Royal Family has the largest private art collection in the world. While you can’t compete with that, a painting, especially if it’s in an ornate frame, is beautiful way to add some richness and depth to a room. This piece is from EBTH. Other great places to find art are antique & vintage stores, and did you know that you can shop Goodwill online? Yep, it’s like a secret Ebay.

vintage antique painting and art

// Vase //

TOP PHOTO // Fresh flowers are everywhere in The Crown and this beautiful vase is the perfect display. Ethically sourced and handmade by artisans in Morocco. From The Little Market.