Do THINX work?

I’ve been wanting to try Thinx the “period-proof” underwear for years but the price tag has always stopped me. Over 30 bucks a pair is at least twice as much as I’ve ever paid for underwear. BUT one night, after frantically rushing to the drugstore to buy more tampons after I unexpectedly started my period, only to discover they were out of the ones I needed, I said enough with tampons. That same night I bought three different styles of Thinx. Here’s my verdict.

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Thinx Hi-Waist

Thinx hi-waist review

These are my favorite of the three. Thinx hi-waist are marketed for heavy days or two tampons worth. I can wear them all day on my lighter days, but need to either change or supplement with a tampon on my true heavy days, but of course everyone will be different. The main reason I love these is the feel and fit. They don’t feel heavy at all, they have a satiny texture and the mesh sides add just a bit of sexiness. Also, I adore the hi-waist because all my jeans are hi-waist so it just makes sense. And they truly are hi-waist, sitting at or just below the belly button.

Thinx Boyshort

Thinx boyshort review

The Thinx boyshort have been perfect for overnight. Like the hi-waist ones, the boyshort is also marketed for heavy days. They feel like wearing volleyball shorts so I typically wear them by themselves just around the house. I think for under jeans there is just too much material to be really comfortable, however underneath short dresses or skirts I adore them.

Thinx Super Cotton Briefs

The last pair I tried are the Thinx super cotton briefs. These hold up to 4 tampons worth which was very appealing for super-heavy days. However, I personally did not like the way they fit. It almost felt like a pad sewn into your underwear. I also just like the satin texture way more than cotton. I actually ended up returning these pairs. However if you work long hours and don’t have time to go to the bathroom, this pair might be a lifesaver. And, if you’re used to the feeling of pads, then the super cotton briefs might also be a good fit for you.


I posted about testing Thinx on my Instagram and I got a quite a few messages so here are the most asked questions.

  1. Do you feel dry wearing Thinx? Yes! I feel very dry and clean. When the underwear is full I can tell and then will change but until then I feel super dry.
  2. Are Thinx thin like other underwear. This depends on what style you buy. The three styles I tried were all thicker than normal underwear, with they hi-waist being the thinnest. But if you prefer thin underwear I would recommend Thinx Air.
  3. Do Thinx run true to size? I bought size medium in all three pairs and they fit great. For reference I normally wear a jean size of 28 or 29. They also have a size chart on their site to help you out.
  4. Are Thinx easy to wash? Washing them is actually super easy. Just rinse them out under cool water, throw them in a delicates bag and then wash on cold in the washing machine. Hang to dry.
  5. Are Thinx worth the money? This is hard to answer but assuming that my Thinx last a couple years then yes, I totally think they are worth the money. Also, I really wanted to find a more sustainable way to deal with my period, but have had lots of trouble with the cup, so these have been amazing for that. I also love their return policy. You can try them for 60 days and if you don’t love them then they’ll give you a refund.

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