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Ethical Alternatives // Chocolate Halloween Candy

First things first, why boycott big chocolate companies on Halloween? Just so you know, last year I did give out chocolate, but this year I want to do thing differently. Why? Because as I’ve dived deeper into ethical living I’ve found that a big culprit of slave labor, including child slave labor, is chocolate companies.

The majority of coco is exported from West Africa. These coco farmers live in poverty with an estimated 1.8 million children working on farms to meet the western demand for cheap chocolate. This is very well-researched article talks about the dark side of chocolate.

Now that I know the truth about this chocolate, I don’t feel right about handing it out, but I also want to be involved in Halloween. In fact, I love the community aspect of trick-or-treating and the last thing I want to do is turn off my lights and go to bed early that night. So here are a few ethical alternatives to handing out chocolate. P.S. I know that these are not perfect solutions, but I do think that they are better, more mindful solutions! One step at a time 🙂

Alternative to Chocolate #1 // Give Better Candy 

Kids love candy. Halloween is a special day so go ahead and hand out candy. Here are 3 ethical alternatives to the big chocolate candy companies.

  1. Surf Sweets. Spooky shapes candy that are organic, non-GMO and vegan.
  2. Yum Earth. They make organic, non-GMO lollipops and sour jelly beans.
  3. Equal Exchange. Organic fair trade milk chocolate that are also palm-oil free.

Alternative to Chocolate #2 // Give Other Yummy Treats 

I really love the idea of giving out treats other than candy. If you live in a close-knit neighborhood, you can even give out unwrapped treats. In my old neighborhood a lady set-up table with hot homemade soup. She had been doing this for over a decade and her house was a favorite. Here are some other ideas.

  1. Give out cups of fair-trade hot coco or hot apple cider.
  2. If you have a popcorn maker, hand out fresh bags of popcorn.
  3. Give clementines decorated as pumpkins. 
  4. Hand out organic juice boxes.
  5. Annie’s has lots of great organic treats that are a nice change from candy.
  6. Give honey sticks. My farmer’s market sells these for cheap & I loved these as a kid!

Alternative to Chocolate #3 Give Non-Food Treats 

Another alternative to supporting big chocolate companies is to give out non-food related treats.

  1. Halloween temporary tattoosYou could even set out a station to put them on.
  2. Mini flashlights. Someone gave out light-up wands last year and is was by-far my son’s favorite.
  3. Halloween eggs. Get a bunch of black or orange Easter eggs, put a penny in all of them and a $20 dollar bill in just one.  I just made this up, but I love how it really is like trick-or-treat!

What about you? What’s your favorite non-chocolate treat to give out on Halloween?

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