tips for shopping ThredUp

Tip to Shopping on ThredUp

First things first, what exactly is ThredUp?  ThredUp is marketed as the world’s largest online secondhand and consignment store. Thousands of new pieces are added to the site everyday, which on one hand is amazing, but on the other hand is super overwhelming. It is possible to score some amazing deals on ThredUp, but it’s equally as possible to spend hours aimlessly searching. I’ve been there, which is why I want to offer some simple time-saving tips and advice on how to shop ThredUp efficiently. PLUS, $10 OFF your first order! 

Note: there is no vintage on ThredUp–they only sell modern brands in good condition. I’m currently writing a blog about the best places to shop vintage online, so make sure you sign up for my newsletter so you know when that piece is live! Ok, back to ThredUp tips.

Tip # 1 // Sign up for a ThredUp Account 

The very first thing you should do is create an account. This is helpful for several reasons. Number one, when you have an account you can save your personal sizes and that filter will stay on every time you do a search. Without an account, you have to manually re-do your size filters with every search, which is such a pain and waste of time.

An account also allows you save your favorite pieces. If you see something you remotely like, hit that heart button. This allows you to come back to it later. Also, if the piece you liked sold you can then shop similar styles which is a really nice feature.

Tips for shopping ThredUp

Also when you sign up you usually get a discount code for your first order. Alternatively you can take $10 off your first order with this code:

Tip #2 // Create Your Sizes 

Above I mentioned creating your personal sizes. This is very simple to do but sooo crucial. Don’t waste your time searching for anything before your sizes are set. To do this choose any category in the top navigation, for example “Women” and then “Clothing.” Scroll down and on the left sidebar you should see “Sizes.” Choose your sizes . I would suggest being very picky if you can. If you sometimes wear a small but mostly wear a medium, just click medium. Next, at the top of the my sizes page, there is a little box that says “Always set filter to My Sizes”. Make sure to click this so every search automatically filters with your sizes.

Tip # 3 // Filter, Filter, Filter 

Now my size filter is on yet I’m still seeing 50,000+ results in women’s clothing. Next, I’m going to filter. Let’s say I really need a new dress. Go to the side navigation and hit dresses and then keep scrolling down and fill out as many filters as you can. For example, the first filter is “Occassion”. I’m going to choose “Cocktail & Party”. I’m now down to 7,000 options. Still too many, but better than 50,000.

The next filter I really like is the “More Ways to Shop”. I always check the “My Home Warehouse” option. This shows you the clothes that are in the warehouse closest to you. Your item comes faster and you sometimes can save on shipping. This filter is sticky, just like your sizes, meaning it will stay on until you de-select it. After selecting that filter my options went down from 7,0000 to just under 1,000.

The next filter I always set is the price. Decide what you’re willing to pay for a dress and then set this filter. I’m going to set it at $30 max. Make sure to press the blue “Set” button after you decide your price. My options are now 572. That’s still personally overwhelming to me, so I’m just going to continue to filter. I can filter by style, skirt length, brand, color, neckline, condition, material, pattern and accents.

If you know exactly what you want, filter away! I usually don’t, but I do know I want my dress to be knee length so I check that filter and now I have 106 items, a totally reasonable number! And if I actually did need to buy a cocktail dress I would buy this 100% silk J. Crew dress for $30.

Note: If you want to search all clothes by a specific brand or fabric, do it in the sidebar! If you type in the search field at top, lots of random things will pop-up. So with every search, I stick to the sidebar filters.

Tip# 4 // Search ThredUp Premium & Designer  

Another way to shop is to search the “Premium” or “Designer” sections. I like this option because it naturally filters out all the brands that probably aren’t that well-made to begin with and it introduces me to new brands I might not know about. Starting with “My Size” and “My Home Warehouse” filters on, I still have about 8,000 results. So I start the filter process all over. Because you’re starting with less options, you probably won’t have to be as specific with your filters.

Another way I like to search premium and designer is to turn off the “My Home Warehouse” filter off and then click the “Under $25” price filter. Doing this has given me some greats steals in the past, for example one of the first things that pops-up are these linen Neiman Marcus pants for $25.

how to save money with ThredUp

Tip #5 // Heart Away 

I mentioned this at the very beginning, but it’s a really simple tip that will save you loads of time. Heart everything that catches your eye. I don’t even click the piece to read the product description. I just heart and then keep scrolling. Then at the very end I go to my saved hearts and review everything. It’s like when you’re thrifting, you just throw everything in your cart and then sort at the end. It takes less time that way and it’s easier to make a decision when you see all your potential pieces collected together.

Also, say you like the idea of the item, but don’t love that particular piece you favorited, scroll to the bottom of the description page and you’ll see a “You May Also Like” section that shows you similar pieces all in your size.

Screen Shot 2018-09-07 at 2.05.47 PM

Ok, that’s it! I hope these tips will help you shop ThredUp like pro. Like any secondhand shopping, it still takes some patience and luck, but I’ve been able to find some amazing staples for my wardrobe using these guidelines!

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