You need a Kid’s-Free Vacation

For my last birthday my dear friend and fellow mama, Kelly, flew down from Oregon so we could both enjoy some desperately needed baby-free time. We drove to the mountains for a mini getaway.

We drank whiskey in the hottub, saw the late showing of a movie and made the best waffles I’ve ever eaten. It was wonderful.

It took me well over a year to leave Lewie overnight, but I wish I had prioritized a kid’s-free vacation sooner, even if it was just one solo night away. Being away gives you the opportunity to do the things you once took for granted, like enjoying a dinner out without a squirming toddler, staying up late reading, drinking HOT coffee while it’s still hot, you know, the little things.

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And mostly, being away makes you realize that all those little things you missed when you were child-free are truly just that — little things — and can’t compare with the joy of raising a tiny soul. BUT, sometimes it takes a night, or a few nights, away to remember this. How about you, do you take kids-free vacations?

P.S. Our cabin was in Idyllwild, a sweet little mountain town a couple hours east of Los Angeles. I highly recommend it for a quick city escape!



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