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Buying a new bathing suit is a chore. Let’s begin with the obvious reasons–the difficulty of finding a swimsuit that gives you confidence, plus is comfortable AND functional. Then add sustainably / ethically made at a price you can actually afford. It’s almost impossible, which is why I’m getting creative with my swimwear this summer.

My beloved one-piece I’ve worn for the last four years is finally finished. So begins my search for an ethical swimsuit. If you’re new to ethical fashion, you might experience shock at the a extreme price difference between the swimsuits at target and ones that are ethically made, from about $20 to $200. And while I understand the price jump, I simply do not have $200 to spend on a swimsuit so i’m sharing a few tips on how I’m swimsuiting for less this summer.


Sometimes a thorough hunt through your closet and drawers will reveal clothes you completely forgot you owned. For example, I recently discovered a pair of black bikini bottoms hidden in my closet. Just by doing a deep search I’m halfway towards a new bathing suit. Since I now only need a top the cost of an ethical swimsuit is significantly lower. Remember the most sustainable option is to wear what you already own.


Especially if you just need a swimsuit for holiday, instead of buying a new one, see if you can borrow one from a friend. They might even have one that they don’t want or need. Most people have a constant bag of clothes waiting to donate so don’t be afraid to ask. This trick recently worked for me. My friend had just bought a new swimsuit and gave me her old one, which was in basically perfect condition and fit great.

For Kait-57


There are countless places to buy secondhand swimsuits with the tags still on. Just a quick search on ThredUp showed 3,000 swimsuits that are technically secondhand but have never been worn. This is a great option for buying an ethical swimsuit on a budget.

P.S. If you’re new to ThredUp, you can get $10 off your first order with this code:


Recently I went swimming with my friend and instead of a traditional swimsuit she wore athletic boy shorts and a sports bra. She looked so cute and comfortable, plus the material dried super-quick. Let’s face it–swimsuits are basically just underwear anyways. I think these shorts and sports bra from Girlfriend Collective would make a perfect sporty swimsuit.

And finally, when you are ready to buy new, here are four of my favorite brands.

BIKYNI // Minimalistic mix and match pieces. Separates are $58 or their stunning one-pieces are $95. Made in the USA with luxurious Italian fabric.

Faherty // Made with sustainable materials in the USA. Suits are pricey- about $88 for separates and $160 for one-pieces, BUT they offer a lifetime guarantee and some of their separates are reservable, which I love. They often have amazing sales, so make sure to check out their sale swimwear.  

Jessica Rey // Made ethically in the USA from post-consumer waist. One-pieces run just over $100. If you’re looking for a modest or retro fit, this is your place.

Samantha Pleet // These suits are some of my favorites. Designed in Brooklyn and made in fair-trade factories. How darling is this Favorite Things Suit inspired by The Sound of Music? 

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P.S.  Ethical and eco-friendly is only getting more popular so check out my pinterest board for more inspiration. I’m always adding when I discover new brands! Did I miss your favorite brand? Let me know!

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  1. Elle

    Excellent points. That was very smart to find the bikini bottoms in your drawer and there are so many tops that you could wear with would work. It is smart to ask a friend and I hope that friend will also ask you. We should all be cognizant about sharing.

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