Currently // Winter of ’18

Currently is a seasonal series where I recap some of the simple things I’ve been doing / making / reading / listening and such throughout the season. Thanks for reading along.

Buying // Baby gifts! My best friend is having a baby girl and so I finally have an excuse to buy a baby gift. I love practical and creative gifts, like hand-me-down baby books and swaddles, but I also think it’s nice to gift something beautiful you would never buy for yourself.

The store, Merci Milo, just opened a brick-and-mortar in Los Angeles. The owner curates the best toys. Some personal favorites are these wooden animals  or these cuddle dolls, both made in Germany. Also, Amazon offers some great sustainable toy options.

Reading // This poem over and over.

Thinking // Have you ever heard of the organization Give Directly? It’s based on the economic model of basic income. Instead of giving to a charity, who then decides how the money is allotted, Give Directly does what the name suggests and gives directly to those in need.  This progressive idea could potentially lift millions out of poverty. Give Directly is orchestrating a 12 year experiment in Kenya to track the effectiveness of basic income. You can follow along with the experiment here.

700 million people around the world live in extreme poverty. It would take $80 billion in cash transfers to move everyone above this poverty line, while the world spends almost twice that in global aid every year. — Give Directly website

Making // Homemade PizzaI love baking and for me, winter is the perfect baking season. This pizza dough recipe is ideal for weekend meals with friends. I’ve made it countless times and always get compliments on the crispy crust.

Watching // Anne with an E. I just finished the series with mixed feelings. I think the casting is superb–I mean how charming is Amybeth McNulty?!  But it’s definitely a darker twist on a childhood classic and critics have strong and differing opinions. The New York Times calls it a “rewarding return” while Vanity Fair calls it “terribly wrong.” Whose side are you on?



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