Guide // Ethical blankets under $100

My husband says I have an obsession with blankets, especially considering we live in Southern California where the average low is still depressingly high. But weather aside, my love for blankets is not only for their warmth, but for their versatility.

I always keep a blanket in the car for spontaneous park trips & picnics and a small blanket in Lew’s bag for diaper changes. I throw blankets down on our wood floors for an instant play rug. I throw them on the couch to cover its hideousness. I throw them on the bed for a pop of color.

Blankets curled in a basket make any space look cozier.  A warm blanket tossed over a chair is an invitation to sit, to stay, to have a cup of tea, to read a few minutes longer.

So maybe my husband is right, I have a bit of an obsession. But another reason I adore blankets is because finding ethically-made options is actually possible. A quick google search gives thousand results, and I’ve also listed a few of my favorites pieces all under $100 in case you’re interested.

Dignify.  $98 //  Stunning quilted blankets, including baby blankets, made from reclaimed sari cloth.

The Little Market $78 // These hand-woven Mexican blankets are perfect for picnics, camping & instant play rugs.

Shop Nectar  $77 // Fair-trade Turkish bath towels. Use for a light throw, a table cloth or a towel. The options are endless and they get softer with each wash.

Haiti Babi  $78 // These beautiful modern baby blankets are hand-knitted in Haiti by women supporting their families.

Mango + Main $60 // Ethiopian lightweight blankets are ideal for the beach. Use as a blanket for the day and a wrap at night.

Vintage on Etsy $62 // Etsy is my favorite place to shop vintage. You can find amazing deals on blankets, like this vintage wool Pendleton throw.

Above: Handmade Mexican blanket on chair. Vintage Pendleton in basket.





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