Currently // August

Reading // “Animal Vegetable Miracle” by Barbara Kingsolver. I’m halfway through this bibliography and I can’t recommend it enough. Kingsolver boldly addresses the concerns of modern farming, from the depletion of the soil, to the treatment of animals to our own suffering health. But she is also hopeful about our future as we learn from the past. Inspired, humorous, factual and optimistic. My friend called it “idyllic and yet realistic- the perfect balance.” It will definetely have you running to your local farmer’s market and then to the kitchen.

Wearing // TreadUp finds. Just when the rest of the country can start anticipating autumn whether, LA continues to heat up and I needed some more summer clothes. I actually love thrift shopping but it’s difficult to shop with with a toddler in tow so I did my first online thrift shopping and bought shorts, two silk tanks and a skirt all for under $40. I was trying to find clothes to would I could not only wear for the summer, but could also transition into cooler months. ThreadUp can be a little overwhelming at first, but I found the best luck by searching for specific brands that I know are higher quality and will last.

Doing // Camping. I took Lewie on his first camping trip in Washington and he was in heaven. He spent most of the time playing naked in the dirt and eating watermelon. I thought it would be really difficult to camp with a baby but it was actually wasn’t amazing to see him explore nature. Plus he was so tired at the end of the day he went straight to sleep. I’m already planning our next trip. Fort Stevens in Astoria, Oregon looks amazing.

Buying // Baby gifts! My best friend is having a baby girl and so I finally have an excuse to buy a baby gift. I love practical gifts, like hand-me-down clothes and swaddles, but I also think it’s nice to gift something beautiful you would never buy for yourself. The  store, Merci Milo, just opened a brick-and-mortar in Los Angeles. The owner curates the best toys. Some personal favorites are these wooden animals made in Germany or these cuddle dolls also made in Germany.

Eating // The freshest fruits and vegetables I can find. See above.





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