Ethical Wish List // A weekend in Paris

It seems like every instagrammer I follow has unanimously decided to pack-up and go on holiday to France. They’re drinking their morning café au lait and wearing sweaters and walking in the rain. Is there anything more envious yet magnetic than travel photos? Since I can’t actually whisk off to Paris right now to join them, I decided to do a little daydreaming instead. I’m putting together my make-believe weekender bag, packed with my capsule wardrobe of sustainable clothes and accessories. I mean, it’s aways good to be prepared, even if it is just imaginary.

SILK PAJAMAS / $98 / Everlane
For breakfast in bed. Besides, croissants taste better in silk. It’s science. Everlane produces in ethical factories and has transparent pricing.

ethically made silk pajamas


UMBRELLA / $79 / Kaufman Mercantile 
For the chance of rain and adorable pictures. Ok, mostly for the pictures. Made in Canada by a family-run business and includes lifetime repairs!

ethically made umbrella made in Canada, family-owned business


STRIPED TEE / $46 / Modavanti 
For dressing like the French, with a cheeky twist. Made by People Tree which supports sustainable & fair trade fashion.

ethically made french striped tee

SIMPLE BLACK DRESS / $128 / Amour Vert 
For traveling and touristing and lots and lots of wine tasting. Eco-friendly and ethically made little black dress.

ethically made little black dress


SHOES / $81 / POZU 
For early morning strolls and midnight strolls and all the in-between strolls. Ethically made shoes made with eco-friendly materials.

Comfortable, ethically made and eco-friendly shoes

WEEKEND BAG / $149 / Forest Bound
For inspiring wanderlust and to hold your souvenirs. Bon Voyage! Made from salvaged textiles in the USA!

weekend bag made with recycled salvaged textiles in the USA

Croissant artwork by Nathalie Amber

How about you, where are you daydreaming about?



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