The best fair trade & organic underwear

Raise your hand if you hate shopping for underwear. I’m raising two. Shopping for underwear is one of those activities that sounds fun, but inevitably ends up frustrating.

For years I bought my underwear at Victoria’s Secret, digging through those drawers trying to find the right size and cut and design, always falling for the cute lace ones, and then suffering through wearing the cute lace ones.

I finally wised up and decided that comfort was top priority and after trial and error discovered Gap Body cotton undies to be superior. Now two years later, I need new underwear but also want to buy sustainable and fair-trade products when possible. So begins the research. My goal was to find underwear that had the same simplicity and comfort as my go-to Gap undies and I’m so glad I discovered Pact Organic.

Pact Organic & Fair-trade certified underwear

If wedgy-free was an award, these  babies would earn it. Also, they are incredibly well-made and super soft, thanks to the organic cotton. Plus, they carry my favorite color: black. A note on sizing:  I find that they run a bit larger than Gap and Victoria’s Secret so if you toggle between sizes I would recommend sizing down.

Here’s a little more about Pact Organic from their website:

“We’re committed to organic cotton to minimize our impact on the environment and improve the conditions and quality of life for the people who make our clothing. PACT ORGANIC unites the collective vision of organic cotton farming, responsible manufacturing, sustainable and ethical certifications, and values-based shopping. We believe organic cotton is the foundation for addressing labor and environmental challenges that surround clothing. Our mission is to change the apparel industry for good.”

Pact Organic Underwear

Those ethical certifications they mention? First, their cotton is certified by The Global Organic Textile Standard. One of the key pillars of GOTS is the protection of workers’ rights. In addition to that, their clothes are all Fair-Trade Certified, meaning they provide more than just safe working conditions and a fair wage, but workers also receive overtime compensation, health benefits and help for their children’s education.

These panties will run you about $20 a pop. That might be a shock if you’re used to the 5 for $25 steals, but I promise it’s worth the cost, even if it means you have to do your laundry more. Also, Pact Organic has some amazing sales, so make sure to sign up for their emails. Right now they are offering 20% off with code Back2Basics.

Pact Organic underwear

After doing some research I was happy to find that there are actually a surprising amount of sustainable underwear options out there. The Good Trade has a nice list, as does Reading My Tea Leaves if you’re looking for more options like prints or lingerie.

P.S. Pact Organic also makes a few baby essentials and men’s underwear. I bought my husband a pair of their boxers and every time he wears them he struts around the house saying “these are the best underwear ever.”

I’m so curious, what is your favorite go-to underwear?




  1. Kait McGuire

    Yes! Comfort is key. I saw some beautiful underwear that I think you would love. It’s called Pansy. Comes in perfect colors & X high rise. When you’re in the market for some new pretties check it out!

  2. Kelly

    I’m loving high-waisted nylon Vanity Fair undies that are second-hand from my mom! Hahaha! Maybe not very glamorous, but they feel secure and supportive around the ol’ post-partum pooch and muffin top 😉

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