Currently // July

Drinking // Rosé. I truly cannot get enough of this pink drink. And apparently neither can the rest of America, especially millennials.  The Washington Post even wrote a whole article about the rise of rosé from “tacky to chic”. I also found this infographic super helpful about the different production methods and shades of rosé. And if you want even more inspiration check out  these recipes for 25 Rosé Cocktails.

Using // Cloth Napkins — eco-friendly and beautiful. Using a cloth napkin is such a simple but lovely way to make any meal feel more festive. I bought both these pink ones and the printed ones at a thrift store, And wouldn’t these yellow ones be ideal for a picnic?

Pondering // Have you ever heard of the organization Give Directly? It’s based on the economic model of basic income. Instead of giving to a charity, who then decides how the money is allotted, Give Directly does what the name suggests and gives directly to those in need.  This progressive idea could potentially lift millions out of poverty. Give Directly is orchestrating a 12 year experiment in Kenya to track the effectiveness of basic income. You can follow along with the experiment here.

700 million people around the world live in extreme poverty. It would take $80 billion in cash transfers to move everyone above this poverty line, while the world spends almost twice that in global aid every year. — Give Directly website 

Making // Lemon Cake. My friend recently brought me a bunch of lemons from her tree so I’ve been making the most delicious lemon cake. Fluffy, citrusy and sweet, it’s my new favorite summer treat. Recipe coming soon!

Reading // A River Runs Through It. During the summer I rarely read new releases, instead I tend to revisit old favorites, like A River Runs Through It. I have very romantic ideas about fly-fishing and I blame it on this book. Also the movie is pretty spectacular.

How about you? What are some of current favorites for July? Please share, especially if anyone has any podcasts they’re loving now.



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