Simple Solutions // Zero Waste Sandwich Bags

Have you ever heard of Plastic Free July? The challenge: refuse single-use plastic items for the month of July to help raise awareness of the wastefulness of plastic. It sounds simple, but as I’ve gone through the month I’ve failed the challenge SO. MANY. TIMES.

I order an iced coffee at a cafe and instead of a glass, they put it in a plastic cup, complete with plastic straw. I buy blueberries from the grocery store and they’re packaged in plastic. Even my organic, fair-trade underwear is shipped with protective plastic.

Throughout the month I’ve kept all this single-use plastic stuffed in a drawer in my kitchen. Halfway through the month and the drawer is overflowing, and this is me trying NOT to use plastic. I’m a long way off from being plastic-free, but this challenge has definitely kickstarted my search for alternatives to single-use plastics that I never truly considered. A prime example: sandwich bags.

I mostly use sandwich bags for Lewie’s food when we’re going out, but just switched to these Lunchskins Resuable Bags and there are so many things to love about these bags. First, how adorable are these? Much more enjoyable to pack lunch and snacks with these. Also, they’re super lightweight, have a place to put your name (genuis!) AND they’re dishwasher safe. Lunchskins also makes lunch totes, plus quart and gallon-sized bags.

What about you? Do you have any favorite plastic alternatives? I’ve especially stumped about trash liners and berries at the store. Please share your tips!

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