Small Stuff // Milk bottles!

Like many others, I’m on the slow journey to create less waste, starting with some small stuff. The problem of waste is truly overwhelming and often I feel like I need to do all or nothing. But a complete lifestyle change done hastily rarely sticks.

So instead I’m going slow but consistent, until these intentional decisions become simply habit.

I open the trash and recycling cans countless times throughout the day. I know because Lewie has started imitating me–he’s always throwing his toys away, so he obviously thinks that big metal can is where we put things. And we do put things there–so many wasted things! Recently I started taking stock of what I’m throwing away and recycling. A huge culprit: food packaging.

The styrofoam, the cardboard, and the plastic–so much wasted plastic.

Of course, most of this can be properly recycled, but reusing and using less is my true goal.

So when I was walking through the grocery store the other day, I was ecstatic to see milk in glass bottles that can be returned to the store for reuse.

Everything about milk in glass bottles is better. The bottle is reusable, it’s beautiful, it even tastes better. The taste might be partly self-deception, but I’m sticking with it. It’s hard not to enjoy something when it looks so classic and nostalgic. Also this is the first milk that Lewie has ever liked–another win.

Reusing these milks bottles has been surprising easy and enjoyable. When finished, I simply rinse them out and then stick them in my reusable bags that I take the store. Then when I’m heading out, I just grab the bags. The store also gives a $2 credit when you return the bottles so it’s another incentive to remember them.

How about you, have you ever used glass milk bottles? And am I crazy or does it really taste so much better?

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