Reading // The Hiding Place by Corrie Ten Boom. My friend gave this book to me a couple years ago. I finally picked it up and devoured it in two days. The message of grace is truly humbling and outstanding.

Mama’s love had always been the kind that acted itself out with soup pot and sewing basket. But now that these things were taken away, the love seemed as whole as before. She sat in her chair at the window and loved us. She loved the people she saw in the street– and beyond: her love took in the city, the land of Holland, the world. And so I learned that love is larger than the walls which shut it in.

Making // Grocery lists. Historically I’m pretty awful about weekly meal planning but the pros are undeniable. I personally find the internet an overwhelming place for recipes so I have a few favorite cookbooks that I always look to for inspiration. Current favorites: River Cottage Every Day. Apples for Jam. Bountiful. Sunday Suppers.

Listening // Valerie June The Order of Time. I have a special place in my heart for Valerie June. My dear friend bought her homemade CD from a record store in Memphis. We listened to that cd countless times in college till it was so scratched it was unlistenable. So when I heard her again a few years later on NPR I was ecstatic. I felt like I had found a favorite sweater I forgot I loved. If you live in LA you can see her for FREE on August 3rd at the Santa Monica Pier thanks to KCRW. Also, check out the entire list of free summer concerts here.

Coveting // I desperately need new sandals for summer. Both of my pairs have broken straps so I’ve been living in my chaco’s (which I will probably write a love story about one day because that’s how much I adore my chaco’s) but it would be nice to have a dressier pair of summer shoes. And how beautiful are these?!

Watching // Lewie grow.  But seriously I haven’t been watching anything lately, not out  of deliberate choice, I just don’t seem to have any extra free time. I’m basically zonked at the end of the day. It’s 9:30p.m. right now, I can barely keep my eyes open and my husband is already asleep. He actually fell asleep at 8 o’clock when I was singing Lewie a lullaby. But, I have been completely in awe by watching Lewie grow. Look at that curious, intense face. Kids really the best entertainment–we call it baby tv.

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Currently // June!

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