Gifts for the mom in your life // Ethical & inexpensive!

Confession: as a new(ish) mother, I’ve basically just rounded up a bunch of gifts that I want.

Technically this is my second mother’s day. Last  mother’s day my baby was 5 weeks old. We were back in the hospital and just trying to get Lew better and  home again. Over the last year, I’ve gained so much respect for all the mothers out there.

Moms of one, moms of multiples, mom’s of “easy” babies, moms of special needs kids, single moms, working moms, you get it–all the mamas. It’s unbelievably hard. And I hope someone gives you something special–a gift, a night out, and some words of encouragement.

Because if f you’re in this brave and all-consuming role of motherhood, you deserve a day dedicated to you

Even if your kids won’t realize that until they’ve grown and had their own babies.

1. Do Good Blend Coffee $13 // Because if you’re a parent, you simply can’t have too much coffee in your life.

The “Do Good Blend” comes from Rwanda where Land of a Thousand Hills is helping families by building relationships with farmers, paying them more than a fair wage and investing in their communities to instill hope. Learn more.

2.  Gold bangle bracelet  $25 // As a mother of a little one, bracelets are my jewelry of choice. Earrings & necklaces get pulled at & rings tend to scratch.

Starfish Project is an organization that cares for women escaping human trafficking and exploitation in Asia. Read more about their mission here.

3. Rose Sugar Scrub  $24 // Extra points for including an hour of babysitting so mom can enjoy a relaxing bath.

The Little Market seeks to empower women artisans to rise above poverty and support their families. Learn more.

4. A handwritten card $6.50 // These beautiful cards are pieces of art. I would hang it above my desk forever.

At Fair & Square Imports, every item is unique, handmade, & positively impacts our world. Learn more about their commitment to fair trade here.

5. Prosperity Candle  $28 // You can choose from eight different scents, plus you can even decide  how strong the scent.

Prosperity Candle is a social enterprise, designed from the start to do good in the world. We invest in women entrepreneurs to help end poverty. Read more about their vision. 

6. Wine Picnic Tote  $25 // And don’t forget the most important thing– the wine.

The fair-trade Pioneers, Ten Thousand Village has been in the business since 1946. Learn more about Ten Thousand Villages.

7. Lilac Clutch  $20 // How perfect is this clutch for all your summer essentials?

Accompany curates handmade pieces and ethically sourced items, that bring human impact and fashion impact together to create feel-good goods through a look-good lens.

8. Hand picked flowers from the backyard.  FREE! 



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