Reading // This poem over and over. Good Bones by Maggie Smith.

Making //  Roasted Plums with Brown Sugar and Balsamic with the plums from our tree. Recipe here.

Listening // Harry Potter on Audible. It’s my summer tradition to re-read Harry Potter, but this year I’m listening to series read by Jim Dale. I feel like i’m experiencing the magic all over again. Over the series, he performs over 300 different voices for all the characters. You can watch his interview about the experience here.

I hate the word actor… Act means putting on something fake, you’re acting it. I just think the word should “be.” You just go up there and be.

Coveting // This rug by West Elm. I LOVE that West Elm has a section of fair-trade certified rugs, at truly reasonable prices. I think the rug would make any room look brighter and cozier.

Watching // Anne with an E. I just finished the series with mixed feelings. I think the casting is superb–I mean how charming is Amybeth McNulty?!  But it’s definetely a darker twist on a childhood classic and critics have strong & differing opinions. The New York Times calls it a “rewarding return” while Vanity Fair calls it “terribly wrong.” What side are you on?



Currently // May!

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